1856 – 1857            MOSES MILLS


1858 – 1861            E. J. SAGGERSON


1862 – 1864            WILLIAM SCHOLES


1865 – 1877            JOHN BOOTH


1877 – 1892            INSPECTOR THOMAS ADAMSON


1892 – 1905            SUPT WILLIAM HARRISON


1905 – 1914            SUPT HARRY BOARDMAN


1914 – 1931            SUPT JAMES PENKETH


1931 – 1939            SUPT HARRY NEEDHAM


1939 – 1954            CFO BURT BELLAMY


1954 – 1969            CFO ALBERT PICKERING


1969 – 1974            CFO HAROLD GARLICK


Born Liverpool1854.  Superintendent in charge of Oldham Fire Brigade 1892 - 1905. Promoted to Deputy Chief Constable in 1905. In about 1899-1900 he went to America to see how the American Fire Brigade operated.Photo shows him in probably Royal & Ancient Order of Buffaloes regalia. Had a wife named Ruth Anderson who came over from Ireland and they had six children Albert,  William, Amy, Emily, Edith and Clara. His wife died quite young and when he retired he went to live with Emily in Mosely Birmingham.



 Burt Bellamy was not a native of Oldham but was in fact born in Tiverton, Devon in 1890.  He served his country during the First World War in the Royal Navy, where he spent six years.  After that Burt became a test driver for the now defunct Bellsize car company.

In December 1920 Burt Bellamy joined Oldham Fire Brigade as an engineer with the rank of sergeant.  He was promoted to Inspector (as the Brigade was still under Police control) in 1931 and Superintendent in 1939.  In 1941 when amalgamating the AFS and the regular firemen formed the National Fire Service, Burt Bellamy took over from Superintendent Needham as head of the Brigade in the rank of Divisional Officer. He was now in charge of ‘H’ Division No. 27 Fire Force Area.

On 1st April 1948 Local Authorities were given back control of the Fire Brigade. Burt then became the Chief Officer for Oldham County Borough until his retirement. In the New Years Honours List of 1949 Burt Bellamy was awarded the Kings Police & Fire Brigade medal. Oldhams’ Watch Committee extended his service until he finally left in 1954. However it wasn’t until July 1955 that Burt was awarded his Long Service medal. As of year ending 31 March 1954 Oldham Fire Brigade had attended 639 calls. He died in April 1968 after a short illness.







Born 1911. From Chadderton. Previously worked as a carpenter/joiner until recession in 1934. Joined Oldham on 25th January 1935 as a police-fireman. In 1940 he was one of the firemen who fought a blaze at Belgium Mill, Royton when German bombers dropped an oil-cocktail bomb. In 1941 after NFS was formed he was put in charge of Oldham & he also served at Rochdale, Barrow-in-Furness, Carlisle & Liverpool being attached to the 26th Fire Force. Returned to Oldham in Feb 1946. Became DCFO on 1 April 1948. . Became CFO after Burt Bellamy in 1954 until 1969. In 1960 he was awarded the QFSM. Was an Associate Member of IFE. Died on 31 Jan 1978 at his home 34 Parkstone Av, Thornton, Cleveleys..



Born 1918. Demobbed from Royal Artillery after serving 6 years. Joined NFS in 1946. Transferred to Oldham Fire Brigade when NFS reverted to local authorities in 1948. Became LFm in 1950, Sub O 1953, Stn O 6 Mar 1955, ADO 6 June 1956 & DCFO in 1960. In 1969 became CFO when Albert Pickering retired. Retired March 1974. Awarded QFSM in Oct 1973. Fellow of IFE.

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